The Next Tiger Woods?

I came across this video when visiting one of the many golf blogs I drop by. It’s a really amazing story about a 4 yr old kid here in the U.S. who has a tour-quality swing and knows how to score as well. What’s more interesting is that no one taught him anything, he is completely self taught. And did I mention he beat a life-threatening disease in the process? Truly amazing.

6 thoughts on “The Next Tiger Woods?

  1. What an inspiration to us all, it has made me feel very humble when I think of the times when the “red mist” descends and I throw a club, curse and swear. In the future, I will think of this young lad at the point of losing control, sure it will help me.
    I look forward to seeing him in the Open some day.
    Best of luck for the future.


  2. In hope that Kyle or his parents ultimately read this blog, thank you for your courage and amazing strength. Golf is a game for the ages and all ages. You Kyle are an inspiration to many who will see this and I thank you once again for showing so many what fools we can be through our complaints about trivial matters. Thank God for parents like Kyle’s who will support the raw and natural talent. Just note that I watch the Golf Channel day in and day out without the same results Kyle has found. I think Arnold should pay him a visit! Be well and our prayers for the continued recovery and success in Kyle’s treatments and remission.

  3. Little man with the heart of a lion, keep up the good work you are already a champion. Enjoy your journey Kyle.

  4. That’s a God-given talent. Kyle, your parents must be very proud of you! With that kind of golf swing at a very young age, I know you will achieve greater achievements than you every dreamed of, if you have the real interest in the game. May God give you all the blessings.

  5. WOW!

    I beleive there is an angel behind this kid and I am pretty convince that
    he could be a future Tiger Woods.Il always said that whe you start young
    you are increasing your chances to succeed.

    This tells you how Tiger Woods could influence this sport and be powerfull.

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