I’ve got something a bit different for you today.

You see, attached is a golf improvement PDF that has almost everything a golfer could do to improve their golf game.


There is one B-I-G improvement aspect missing from it. Sadly, if you’re not doing what is missing from this PDF then you’ll never play consistently to your golf potential.

I’m sure you know what is missing, because my subscribers are a sharp bunch. But just to make sure here is what I need you to do…

Open up the attached PDF now. Click here to see it. (If you want to save it, right-click on it and select “Save target as”)

Study it and then leave your comment below and tell me what you think is the ONE B-I-G golf improvement focal point missing from the mind map.

I look forward to reading your answer shortly.

Hopefully it’s the correct one!

Either way, I’ll send you an email later this week that will reveal the answer.


P.S. I’m very serious about this. Open up the PDF now. It’s only 1 page but the one thing that’s left off will be a revelation for many, I’m sure. Are you one?

Take a look at the PDF then hit the reply button on your email program and let me know what the ONE B-I-G
thing missing from the mind map is and remember…

THE answer will be sent to you later this week so look out for that.

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