There has been a lot of buzz lately about the new “body-friendly” golf swings so I decided to weigh in and give my two cents.

This Perfect Connection Golf Swing is a bit different than most.  It’s controversial and teaches a lot of opposing theory to modern golf instruction.  The same seems to apply to the new Perfect Connection Golf Swing.

These swings are mainly targeted for the older set in golf and advocate a 3/4 turn in the backswing.  The whole point I suppose is that the usual aches, pains and injury that come with a traditional golf swing can be alleviated by adopting this new swing type.

But I can’t honestly say whether the new Perfect Connection Golf Swing by C.J. Goecks is panacea or paltry.  All I know is there are a lot of golfers talking about it right now and I am in the process of reviewing it myself.  Will provide updates as I do so.

If any one has a review on it or first hand experience, leave a comment below.

One the one hand, I can appreciate that the traditional golf swing and instruction is not only difficult to grasp and execute at times.  This is probably why “new” swing techniques and teachings create such a stir.  But whether or not they hold the test of time…

So, any of you guys used it?  What did you think?  Good/Bad/Ugly welcome.

To be clear, this is not an endorsement.  The jury is still out on this new swing…it is too soon to tell.  Which is why I am asking you guys what you think.

You can get more info on CJ Goecks and Perfect Connection Golf Swing’s home page here

Look forward to your comments.


****UPDATE June 2011****

Just wanted to weigh in here since there are so many who have expressed an interest in this topic.  Since writing this post a while back I have experimented with Cj Goeck’s Perfect Connection Golf Swing and I do believe it has some merit.  I don’t use it myself but I ended up showing it to one of my playing partners who is a solid 17 handicap on a good day (Sorry, Jenks–had to get that one in 😉

Jenks started using it (he has tried all the new stuff, stack and tilt, traditional stuff, you name it….  But this PCGS method seems to work for him because he tends to have a very unreliable swing.  The “connectedness” of CJ’s swing has helped him a lot with his ballstriking.  Jenks shot 79 and 80 in the last two day tourney I saw him at and his shots looked a lot better.  I hope he can keep it up.

Bottom, bottom line from me is that this swing deserves a good look for mid-to-high handicappers and I believe they give out like 10 free videos on their site so you can see what it’s all about. I would even say if you’re a 8 handicap or above it’s worth a look.


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