Lots of buzz lately about this training aid called the Tour Striker.

In fact, not only do I see it on TV and read about it online, but two guys in my foursome actually got them for Christmas so I think we can safely say that the the marketing side of the Tour Striker is in full effect.

So, I’ve had the opportunity to see how it works on my friends’ swings but they also let me try it out and practice with it so I can see for myself.

Shows regular golf iron versus Tour Striker

>>What Is It?

The Tour Striker is a golf training aid that helps you improve your ballstriking.  In other words, it promotes solid ball contact, ensuring that the hands remain positioned in front of the clubhead at impact.

>>How Does It Work?

The Tour Striker has a special design that makes it impossible to actually hit the ball properly unless you have the hands positioned ahead of the ball at impact.  The grooves are much smaller and there is essentially no hosel on the club.  There is a video here so you can see it.

Tour Striker Side View

>>My 2 Cents

I personally don’t really have an issue with ballstriking because I have a pretty good impact position to begin with but I can see how this can really help a lot of different levels of players.  For me, I do have a tendency every once in a while to “flip” my hands at impact.  As a seasoned player I can get away with it because of good timing but trust me…it takes a lot of practice to get that timing down correctly.  When I used the Tour Striker I tried to flip my hands on purpose and I couldn’t get the ball off the ground.  So, yes, it did help remind me of that ever important ball-first contact.  And there’s no cheating it, which I like.  If you don’t make the proper move, you get instant feedback because the ball won’t go anywhere.  Better yet, there isn’t really a “move” to make…just swing the club.  If you hit it properly, the ball gets compressed and flights on the correct trajectory.

But aside from my personal experience with it, I really saw the biggest impact with my playing partners’ games.  One of my buddies is notorious for hitting “slap shots” (like hockey).  In other words, he is consistently hitting the ground before the ball and loses a great deal of distance and accuracy as a result.  He’s also a chronic “flipper” of the hands.  I can conservatively say that this guy has dropped about 5 shots from his index since he got the Tour Striker for Christmas.  Even had his best round in God-knows-how-long.  Incidentally, he is a 13 handicap.  (And we all know that your average 13 handicap does not break 80 that often–but this guy did twice in February.)

They offer the club in a variety of lofts (7 iron, wedge, etc.) and also have clubs designed for both low, mid and high handicappers.  And the club is designed to fit your swing, not teach you a new swing or anything like that.  They also have right and left-handed clubs.


*I know a LOT of golfers who use this device (my subscribers and my own foursome have had great experiences with it)

*There is ample great feedback on the device on the major golf forums and message boards on the web (and forums will give you both good and bad feedback)

*Doesn’t change your swing-just your position at impact

*I’ve seen it work first hand.  Better ball compression=better scores.


*Can be difficult to hit at first because the sweet spot is smaller and the position may not be familiar

* Takes about 2-4 business days for shipping (my buddies received theirs in 2 days though)

*The first few days with it take some getting used to but once you hit that first pure one you are all set

Bottom line?

As a very low handicapper I will definitely use one in the future based on what I’ve seen.  I honestly think the best benefit will be for the mid to high level handicapper as they will realize a position in the swing that they never felt before.  Overall, I give it a 9/10.

BTW, I don’t own a single training aid because most of them are junk.  But this one has some pretty good merit to it and I think it’s a very simple but ingenious tool to help you play better golf.

If you have any experience yourself with the Tour Striker, please leave a comment.

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  1. Bought one of these last month. Make sure you get the right model …they have one for low handicappers and one for higher guys like me. Obvisouly one is a lot harder t hit than the other. But its been wonderful for my ballstriking. Clean hits and good distance on my irons and driver.

  2. My son got me a TS for father’s day. I’m a 17 handicap so didn’t expect much. been to the range with it once and I can honestly say that now I know what good ball compression is like! Very pretty ball flight with mid and short irons now I’m working on my longer ones.

  3. i use it every time i practice. very solid training aid…no way to trick it or fool it. either you hit it well or you don’t. the ball literally will not get airborne if you don’t hit it properly. it’s also impossible to hit a shank with it cuz it’s got no hosel.

  4. I totally agree with the reviewer and the other posters about the effectiveness of this club. My iron striking is now much more precise and consistent and all of my divots are now in front of the ball. That said, the most dramatic improvement to my game occurred in my fairway wood play. Wow, high, explosive, soft landing shots are now the norm. I love this club and use it at the range all the time.

  5. The Tour Striker instruction DVD and two drills therein were sufficient to add
    remarkable distance to my irons without even having tried the Tour Striker itself. One drill ingrains a good pivot and the other emphasizes coming down into the ball rather than behind it. The club is almost an afterthought now though it does promote coming down into the ball. Not sure if the purchase of the club is necessary given my success at achieving much more distance (no kidding) with this new approach to the downswing. Then again you’ll want to see the two drills.

  6. I got one last week and have used it at the range a couple of times.This is a great club and for the first time on the weekend i took divots on most of my iron shots(i rarely if ever get them normally).All in all very impressed.
    @Patricia Watson i got mine from American golf in the UK.

  7. I am in the UK, I got the Tour Striker about 8 weeks ago, my 5 irons previosly would go about 155 yards, now i’m hitting it 175 yards!!
    The only thing is you must use it on a hard mat or strike board, if you use it on lush grass or a fluffy mat you can get under the ball and cheat!
    Remember, hit down young man!!

  8. Thanks for the opinions. I grew up on a “billy goat farm/cow pasture” course and so I do not take divots. You might call me a sweeper of the ball. Most of my golf buddies who are much better than me consider me a pretty good ball striker. I play to a 14 handicap. I wonder how this new “striker” motion might affect my wrists, forearms, elbows, etc. since I am getting older, >55?


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