Buying Women’s Golf Clubs

womens golf clubs

Thinking of buying a new set of clubs. Playing with the right clubs helps you achieve a low golf handicap. That’s why it’s critical you buy the right clubs—whether you’re a beginner, and intermediary, or a veteran. The purchasing decision, however, is somewhat different for a woman than a man. That’s because the decision must account for the physical differences between the sexes. The best way of getting this decision right is to do enough research to make an informed decision.

The key goal when buying any set of clubs is to make sure it fits the golfer’s game. Women, like men, have strengths and weaknesses to their games. The right set of clubs can help a woman capitalize on her strengths and compensate on her weaknesses. That’s why you must select the right set for you. Keep in mind that the “right set” might not be the most expensive one. Often, a modestly priced set of clubs works just as well as a pri-cy set. If you’re just starting out, used set might be the answer until you get a better feel for the game.

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Shorter, Lighter, More Flexible

Women’s clubs are generally shorter, lighter, and more flexible than men’s. That’s to make up for a woman’s smaller stature, which usually results in a slower swing speed. Women’s clubs also tend to be more colorful than men’s, a fact we see clearly with women players taking our golf lessons. For example, take women’s grips. They come in a much wider range of colors than men’s. They also are smaller in diameter and shorter to make up for a woman’s smaller hands.

Key considerations when buying women’s club are shaft length, loft, clubhead size, and shaft flex. Here are some golf tips on women’s clubs to keep in mind. Shaft length affects accuracy and distance. A good shaft length for a driver for a woman 5’9” tall is 43 inch-es. Subtract or add an inch for every inch a woman is shorter or taller than 5’9.” Then subtract about half an inch for every club other than the driver to get the proper shaft lengths for the rest of the set.

Women driver’s generally come with higher lofts than men’s. The standard loft for a men’s driver is 10. The standard loft for a women’s driver is 12. But if a women’s has problems getting the ball in the air, consider going to a club with even more loft. Also, look at clubs with larger clubheads. Larger clubheads have bigger sweet spots for better ballstriking. Graphite shafts are more flexible than steel shafts to help compensate for slower swing speeds. Irons with cavity backs are more forgiving of mis-hits.

As for putters, a good choice for a beginner is a putter mallet-type head. One you have a better feel for the game, you’ll personalize your putter choice. A putter with a shaft length of 33 inches works for most women. But women taller than 5’ 6” should consider buying a putter fitted to their size.

Replacing the longer irons with hybrids is also consideration. Many women in our golf instruction sessions that have adopted hybrids end up hitting the ball much better. Once you’ve chosen the right set, think about adding a 7-wood and a 9-wood or a gap wedge and a lob wedge. Adding them depends on your game and the courses you play. But re-member, the rules allow up to 14 clubs in a bag.

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Eight-Step Buying Process

Below is a simple eight-step process for buying a set of golf clubs:

  • Determine the player’s capabilities
  • Decide on a budget
  • Research options thoroughly
  • Create a short list
  • Find a golf shop/retailer with a wide selection
  • Try out clubs on the list and others not on it
  • Determine which set to buy
  • Compare prices before buying

When you go to the golf shop or retailer, be open to suggestions from the salesman. And
never buy clubs without trying them out first—a golf tip we can’t emphasize enough.

Buying the right set of golf clubs is critical—whether you’re a man or woman. You’ll probably have them for a few years. So take the time to do it right. Do enough research and testing to make an informed decision. A good set of clubs can really help your game. But even with the perfect set, you still must practice and play a lot to achieve a low golf handicap.