Hi Jack

You suggested a good drill for good foot work in a recent email newsletter. Below is a part of that:

Address a ball with your 7-iron. Drag another ball against your front heel….

What I don’t understand is what does “drag a ball against the front heel…” mean exactly?


Does the front heel mean front foot? Does it mean that I step on another ball with my heel? Please enlighten me.

Thank you,




Thanks, Jay. What the statement means is place a ball next to the inside heel of your font foot. Don’t step on the ball. Just make sure it is touching the inside of your heel. That way if you roll your front foot backwards, the ball will move. Below is the drill in its entirety in case you didn’t see it before:

Address a ball with your 7-iron. Drag another ball against your front heel. Make a three-quarter swing. Swing down, trying to hit the ball you addressed without moving the ball by your front heel. If the ball moves, you’ve shifted your weight incorrectly on the downswing.

Practice this drill until you can hit shot after shot without moving the ball. This will produce a dramatic improvement in your ball striking with both your irons and your fairway woods.

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