Golf lessons  can help your game. They can help you hit a particular shot, strengthen a key area of your game, or sharpen course management skills. But golf lessons aren’t usually free. How much depends on who is giving them, where you live, and what the market will bear. Golf lessons can really cost you, if you’re not careful. That’s why it’s critical you get the most from each lesson.

Below are five tips on how to get the most out of golf lessons:

  1.  Determine your needs
  2.  Find the right teacher
  3.  Set expectations
  4.  Focus on your hands
  5.  Practice, practice, practice

Start by deciding what type of lesson you need. Do you need a range lesson or a playing lesson? If you want to improve your ballstriking, erase swing faults, or add more power to your swing, take a range lesson. If you want to improve course management skills, take a playing lesson.

Having decided on the lesson type, find a teacher that’s right for you. Ask your buddies for suggestions. Or, thumb through old issues of golf magazines for names of teachers in your area. Make a short list of candidates, and then call each one. Ask about their teaching style. Does it work for you?

Next, set expectations. Tell your teacher what you want to get out of your lessons. Chances are you’ll need to take more than one lesson to achieve your ultimate goal. Be realistic about what you can accomplish. Don’t expect to drop 7 strokes or hit 300-yard drives after one lesson.

You’ll probably get a lot of information thrown at you in one lesson. But lessons tend to boil down to one thing: how you use your hands and arms. Focus on how your arms and hands work and you’ll defeat information overload.

If you’re taking a range lesson, practice what you were taught by your teaching pro. And don’t get discouraged if you don’t get perfect results after you first try something. It takes time and effort to eliminate a habit. So don’t give up.

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