If you’re like most weekend golfers, you’ve hit your share of shots that have run past the hole and off the back of the green. What are the play options from behind the green? If the green’s elevated, you might see it roll all the way down the slope and come to a rest on a level spot just behind the green.   You have two options when it comes to playing this shot: You can go low and hit a bump and run. Or, you can go high and hit a flop shot. You choose the flop shot.

Below are six keys to hitting a flop shot from behind the green:

  • Set up with your weight balanced
  • Play the ball forward in your stance
  • Make a bigger swing than normal
  • Let the club pass through your hands
  • Clip the grass beneath the ball
  • Finish with the clubface facing the sky

Set up with your weight evenly distributed on both feet and the ball positioned forward in your slightly open stance.  Make sure the clubface is open more than usual when addressing the ball.

Now take a nice fluid swing. Make sure it lets the clubhead pass your hands through impact. Be careful not to make a chipping motion, as you would if you were hitting a bump and run. And try to clip the grass beneath the ball as you swing through the shot.

This shot needs a lot of wrist action to pull off, so don’t be afraid to get your wrists into the swing.  If you try to hit this shot without using any wrist action, you’ll probably skull the ball pass the hole and off the green. Finish with your clubface looking at the sky.

You’ll have to expose the club’s entire loft through impact to elevate the ball high enough to come down softly on the green. Hit the shot correctly and the ball will pop almost straight up and come to rest softly on the green.

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