Reverse weight shift. Poor body rotation. Swinging over the top. All are common faults committed by golfers as they start their swings. If you start incorrectly, you’ll find it hard to execute a smooth, free flowing swing. This in turn hurts your ballstriking and diminishes power and accuracy.  To create a smoother, more free-flowing swing and improve ballstriking, try starting with the finish in mind.

Here are three keys to a great finish:


  • Your belt buckle over your left toe
  • Weight on your right side
  • Your hands to the left of your ear

If you’re ball striking has gone sour and you’ve tried everything to fix the problem, try reviving your swing by focusing on your finish. Here’s how:

Take a 6-iron or a 7-iron and address the ball with your normal stance. Now, instead of starting your backswing, get into a perfect finish: Your belt buckle should be over your front toe, your weight over your front foot, and your hands high and near your left ear.

Do this a few times so that you get a real feel for the perfect finish. Now get back into your address position and start your swing as you usually do but with your finish in mind. Focus on finishing the way you have it pictured in your mind. Do this a few times and then go out and hit some practice balls.

Here’s a drill to help you achieve a perfect finish:

Take your normal stance. As you swing through, let go of the club with your right hand (left hand, if your left-handed). The club will fly through the impact zone and the left arm will continue to a full finish. You just can’t stop. Repeat this drill until you’ve trained yourself to finish fully on every shot. Now hit some balls. Keep alternating until you’ve ingrained the perfect finish.

If your ballstriking has gone south and the drills and quick fixes you’ve tried haven’t worked, try starting with your finish. This approach isn’t a cure-all, but it will help smooth out your swing and relax you more.



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