The secret to hitting monster drives isn’t swinging the club harder. It’s widening your swing arc. Creating and maintaining a wide swing arc helps you hit longer, straighter shots. The wider the swing arc the more clubhead speed you generate.

Below is a drill golf guru David Ledbetter uses to stretch out a student’s swing:

The Towel Drill

Take your normal address position minus the club. Now grab an ordinary towel at two spots about a foot apart. Keep some slack in the towel. Stretching the towel out as tightly as you can, make your backswing and downswing. As you do this, you’ll feel how your two hands fight to keep their distance as they pull in opposite directions. That’s the feeling of width you want to create when on the course.

Use this drill at the range, in your home, and on the course. At the range simulate several swings with the towel between actual shots. On the course reinforce this feeling using your golf towel before teeing off or hitting approach shots.

Maximizing your swing’s width boosts clubhead speed. The more clubhead speed you achieve, the farther you drive the ball.

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