Listen, execute, and practice. Those are the keys to getting the most out of golf lessons. But sometimes even veteran instructors like myself make things so complicated it’s hard for students to do that. In fact, sometimes we confuse them. If you find this happening to you the next time you take a golf lesson, take a step back and ask the teacher to simplify the lesson. Given half a chance, most instructors will do that.

Below are three simple but proven golf tips we’ve been providing students for years in our golf instruction sessions. All three are keys to making shots that can help you increase consistency and accuracy. The more consistent and accurate you are, the better your chances of breaking 80 consistently and lowering your golf handicap.

1. Keep Your Head Still

Among the most common golf tips we give students in our golf instruction sessions is to keep their heads still when making a full swing. This is especially true when it comes to hitting the driver—among the most potent scoring clubs in your bag. Keeping your head still gives you the best chance of hitting the ball flush. Look at the best players in the world. They all keep their heads as still as possible when hitting driver.

Of course, you can’t keep your head rigid throughout your swing. No one can. You have to move your head a bit from side to side to make a good swing. Some golfers, like Jack Nicklaus, even turn their heads a bit to the right to trigger their takeaways. That’s fine. But you need to keep your head as still as possible when hitting your driver to produce a smooth swing. Simply put, set up with your head behind the ball and keep it there throughout your swing.

2. Move Everything Forward

Anyone can make a bad swing and then pose at the end of the swing as if they made a good one. But if you want to increase accuracy with your irons, you must master your swing to the point where you’re making a good follow-through with your irons. The key is to commit to hitting the club in hand and making a full swing with it. We often see weekend golfers in our golf lessons hit a club they’re not fully committed to hitting. When you do that, you lessen your chances of hitting the ball flush. It also diminishes accuracy.

Make a commitment not only to making a full swing with the club in hand but also to extending it down the line. Anna Rawson, a veteran on the LPGA Tour, says she “likes to feel as if everything is moving toward the target.” This helps her avoid wrist break down and increase accuracy. Simply put, don’t quit after impact. Instead, complete your follow through to a perfect finish, as we tell students who take our golf lessons. You’ll be surprised how much better you’ll hit your irons and how much your consistency will improve.

3. Accelerate Through The Ball

We see many golfers in our golf instruction sessions try to hit those low-flying pitch shots that check up after a couple of bounces. Those shots are fun to watch someone hit. It’s even more fun to hit them yourself. To hit a shot like this, you need to do two things: You need to set your weight on your front foot and open your clubface a little. But the real key to hitting a shot like this, we tell students in our golf lessons, is keeping your hands moving through the ball. Put more simply, you want to accelerate through the ball.

It’s not easy training yourself to do this. But accelerating through the ball is the real key to a perfect shot. Doing so compresses the ball and creates the backspin you need for stopping on the green. If you’re having trouble doing this, try this golf tip: Make a compact backswing. The shorter backswing promotes acceleration on the downswing without you having to think about it. This frees you to focus on hitting your target.

The above are probably three of the simplest golf tips you’ll ever hear. But they are proven and they can help you increase consistency and accuracy with clubs that you can score with. After all, scoring with the right clubs is what will help you break 80 consistently and chop strokes off your golf handicap.

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