If you’re struggling with hitting chips the right distance, it could be for one of two reasons: Either your eyes and your swing don’t see and feel the same thing, or you’re hitting at the ball instead of letting your body and club swing through the ball toward the target.

Practicing this drill rids you of both faults and saves you strokes.

Eyes On The Target Drill

Spread out 10 or 15 balls just off the edge of a practice green. Before chipping them, take 10 or 15 practice swings with your eyes on the target not the ball. Allow the clubhead to just brush the grass.

As you chip, feel your legs and torso begin to shift your weight and rotate with the motion of the club. Then set up to a ball and practice chipping without your eyes on the ball—keep them on the target.

In a short time, you should get a better feel for making the right swing length and hitting through the ball, not at it, when chipping.

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