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Let’s start with some statistics. According to NGT Research, there are more than 60 million golfers in the world today and fewer than half will ever break 100. Thirty-three percent will break 90. However, only 5 percent will ever break 80. That’s 3 million people out of 60 million golfers. My goal is to help you become one of those 3 million.

My name is Jack Moorehouse. First off, I am not a golf professional and probably never will be. I did play some college golf and have had the pleasure of playing with many pros, but realistically, I am just another guy like you who wants to enjoy the game of golf as much as I can and see how good I can get. In fact, probably the only real difference between us is that I have had the good fortune of uncovering a proven method to consistently break 80. I am not the world’s best golfer but I am a guy who gets results, and what you are about to read will work for you, too, if you allow it.

I hold a day job, and if you’re like me you can only squeeze in a little practice each week before teeing it up on the weekends. Trust me when I say I understand that this game requires some practice, and finding time to get out there can be a tall order. I have written the book “How To Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros!” to ensure the key points and drills are easily understood and can be practiced in minutes a day to allow you to make the most of your precious time. After all, if we were all great at golf, wouldn’t we be playing it for a living?!

I am often asked about tips, advice, and general questions about how to do this or that. I can tell you that unlike all the sports I have played, to play golf well and excel at it is an experience like no other. So as a way of giving back to the game that has been good to me and as a means to help others in their quest to go as low as possible, I put together this book and my blog.

In addition, I publish a lot of articles every month for different Web sites, newsletters, and other publications that provide no-nonsense, results-oriented golf tips and instruction. If you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter that contains tons of additional tips and instruction on how to break 80 and is a great resource for special offers on golf equipment, courses, and instruction.

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